The panther who was left alone was raised by a human whom he loved so much

This is a story about a strong relationship between an orphaned panther and a kind woman.
The poor little panther was in a very hard condition when his mother cruelly left him alone after he was born.

When the animal was in a Siberian zoo, he was adopted by a kind woman and her amazing pet. Look at Luna, the amazing panther.

His life changed. Now, he gets all the love and attention from his mother and his friend. After some hours of his birth, he was left alone and there is a low percentage of survivors. But fortunately, he was adopted by a soft-hearted woman.

The woman named Victoria kept so many animals and looked after them. But, when she once visited the zoo, she loved this poor creature from first sight. So, she started to visit the zoo frequently and one day she decided to adopt the animal. Then, he became the real member of their family.

But she had concerns about how her pet would get along with their new family member.
But she was mistaken. They both started to love each other from the very first moment.

Now they are one friendly family. Now the panther has gained normal weight.
The owner often posts amazing pictures on her social media and every post gets many reactions and likes.

The videos are widely spread on the Internet and you can also watch their posts.

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