The owner of the cat called Lil Bub adopted a new pet named Mister Marbles

The cat called Lil Bub passed away 2 years ago. The pet had some abnormalities since birth and it died when she was 8 years old but already could gain popularity.

The cat was named an ugly one that no one wanted to adopt. Her story started when her owner created an account for her and started to post photos.
She had an unusual and strange look.

The baby gained popularity in a short time and now she has about 2.3 million followers.
Mike says that Bub had difficulties finding a home.

Also, she turned out to be very photogenic.
But she did not have a long life because of her health problems. So after her death, Mike could not live with such loss.

Over time he decided to adopt another pet who also needs help.
The new pet also got everyone’s attention. The owner also introduced it to Bub’s followers and they all loved the animal.

But now the new pet also had its own account and had almost 61,000 followers.
The most vital thing was that the new pet found his permanent home and the man also found a new true friend after losing his lovely one.

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