The owner found his lost dog named Semper Fidelis after 2 years of looking for it

The owner found his lost dog named Semper Fidelis after 2 years of looking for it.

The owner named Kameroun Mares was able to find his lost dog and it is very emotional to see such a reunion. Once, Husky disappeared. He was the owner’s lovely animal. The woman looked for him everywhere possible. After two years fortunately she could find him.

When Kameroun first saw the baby he was a very little and beautiful puppy. The period was very difficult for her as she was fighting cancer. So, the animal became a power for her to continue fighting for. The name of the animal was Semper Fidelis which meant “Always faithful”.

This meaning of the name was so typical to his character. He is a very loyal and devoted animal.
So, he was the one that the woman always dreamt of.

The woman and the animal were always together. But something changed in 2016. The woman had to transfer to California to get proper treatment but she could not take the dog with her. She needed to leave him at her roommate’s place and hope that he would get the proper care.

But after a short time, the woman heard that her pet was lost. She was very sad. She started to look for him everywhere. She did everything possible but her efforts were pointless. She did not want to lose her hope and continued searching for it.

Later it turned out that the pet was sold. The woman understood that her roommate sold her lovely pet. But luckily she found her dog after some time.

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