The orangutan gave his hand to help the man get out of the water

The orangutan gave his hand to help the man get out of the water.

The photographer, Anil Prabhakar took the photo when he was in Borneo. He saw this amazing moment when he was in the forest with his friends. The forester wanted to clear the river from the snakes as they are dangerous for orangutans.

When they were looking at this they saw how the animal gave his hand to the man to help him get out of the river.

At this moment Anil standing far from them took a photo of it and shared it on social media. The photo was widely shared on the internet and the viewers were amazed by this touching moment. How an animal could do such action.

The photographer told how the man climbed in the river to fish the snakes. And the animal observed the man for a couple of minutes and then came closer to help him.

But the man did not know what to do and did not want to risk it. He was somehow scared as it is a wild animal. So, he decided to step aside.
So, there are many dangerous snakes and that’s why foresters usually clean the river and teach animals to avoid poisonous ones.

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