The old elephant started to cry as he was saved after being in a tournament for about 50 years

The story of the poor and abused elephant named Raja became popular on social media. This poor animal spent 50 years being chained up and now he gained freedom.

In the pictures, you can see the animal who was saved from such conditions. The elephant is now living at an Indian elephant center. Here the animal is completely free.

Now he learns what it means to move freely and live in peace. After some time he became unrecognizable. This transformation is amazing and proves how strong animals are and how they cope with such challenges.

When the zookeepers freed the animal he was the happiest in the world and could not believe in such luck. He was shocked and started to cry in happiness.

It is known that elephants have high intelligence. So, he understood that it was the moment of salvation. He suffered for 50 years. Now he is feeling good and enjoys his freedom and comfortable life.

Let’s hope that people will stop abusing animals for their benefit.
Animals also have rights and should not be kept in such conditions.

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