The mother teaches her kid to pass the road properly

The mother teaches her kid to pass the road properly.

No one likes traffic, especially when they are in a hurry. This makes everyone sad.
Animals are free in South Africa, this place is very beautiful but at the same time very hazardous. Everyone driving in the streets could see these wild animals moving freely there.

Once, a family who was passing this dangerous road saw something wonderful. In the morning, the family left their home hoping they would meet the leopards. The father of the family asked his daughters to sing so that the animals could hear the noise and appear. So, when they started to sing they saw something amazing.

When they saw traffic they understood that it was because of the leopards crossing the road.

Mother leopard was crossing the street with her babies when one of them stopped. The baby was scared and did not know what to do. The mother had to return and take the baby who was left alone there. She said something to her baby to convince her to continue crossing the road.

They finally managed to cross the road and this was a great opportunity for the girls to have nice pictures of the animals.

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