The mother gorilla hugged and kissed her infant baby after giving birth

The caring mother gorilla hugs her infant baby so strongly that everyone was amazed.
The connection between a mother and a baby is the strongest feeling in the world.

And animals also have such feelings. And the moment when a mother hugs her infant baby leaves everyone speechless. The mother gorilla stole everyone’s heart by showing how warmly she hugged her baby after his birth.

The mother became a parent for the first time and it was such an emotional moment. The mama gorilla was crying in happiness. She had that kind of feeling for the first time in her life.

According to some sources these animals are among the endangered ones and when the baby was born it was really special for everyone at the zoo.

All workers were amazed and touched by the moment when they saw them together. The mother gorilla kissed her baby and held him in her hands.

And this again proves that animals and people are similar in many ways. They also have maternal instincts and feelings. This moment was captured by the camera and you can also see their photos here.

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