The Mandarin duck became an Internet star with its unique colored features

This duck is the most special bird in the world. Although all birds are special and amazing, this one became an internet star thanks to its uncommon and impressive charm.

Though the bird is small in size, it’s very flexible and is always in the middle of everyone’s attention thanks to its unique colorful features and shape. The bird can be seen in both big lakes and small ponds. Many of them are noticed in the US and Germany.

They are popular with their features. They have an orange face and also a purple chest that made them so special. But the female ones are gray-colored but males are a mix of various colors.

They originated in Europe many years ago. They were brought from China and formed their unique color. And as they did not have predators their population started to increase.

They love water plants and sometimes snails and fish. You can look at their photos below.

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