The man was crying when he pulled his lovely dog from the fox hole

The man was crying when he pulled his lovely dog from the fox hole.

It’s very painful when you lose your lovely animal. And that’s why animal owners try to keep their pets very close to them.
At the age of 49, the man lost his lovely pet and then decided to buy a new one to overcome the pain. He called his new pet Mitzi.

He became very attached to his new dog. He used to call his dog a business partner.
When his dog was about 1 year old he lost. Mitzi was afraid of the other dog and he ran away. The man started to look for his dog in every possible place but his efforts were in vain.

He thought that the dog could die and was scared of his thoughts.
He decided to share the dog’s photo on the Internet and hoped that would help him to find his dog. After a short time, he got a call from a stranger who said that his dog found something in the foxhole.

After this, the man immediately visited the place where his dog could be.

Suddenly he heard some familiar noises and started to drag the hole. People surrounding him helped him to do so.
Finally, they found each other, and the moment was touching. Everyone’s hearts melted. The man finds this as a Christman gift from God.

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