The man started to cry when he found his lost 19-year-old cat

All people have chips in their skin. And when the man lost his lovely kitten he hoped that the chip would help him to find the cat.

The man also had to move to another city but refused as he wanted to stay and search for his cat. But his efforts were to no avail. Nobody noticed the cat. So, the owner gave up and left the city.

But recently, one of the residents took a homeless kitten to a local shelter.
This animal was hungry and was living on the street.

Then, it turned out that the animal had a chip which allowed them to know that the cat had an owner. So, they informed the man about the man and he could not believe that the cat was finally found.

He came to the shelter and met his pet.
The cat also recognized his owner and hugged him.

So, a miracle happened, and the chip helped them to be reunited.
If you lose your pet, these chips will help you to find your pet if one caring person will take the animal to the shelter.

Only, this will help the employees to find owners.
How the animal stayed unnoticed for so many years. But luckily, he is found and reunited with his owner.

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