The man gave his lunch to the dog and he saved him the same day

The man gave his lunch to the dog and he saved him the same day.

The man was working in the supermarket as a loader. His name was James. This man was very hardworking and kind-hearted. He very often ked wandering dogs and cats. But one of his partners called David was just the opposite. He was far away from feeding the animals and acted so harshly with them.

One day these boys were shipping an order for one of the companies. While they were working, a stray dog came near them and was watching very carefully. When David noticed the dog he drove him very annoyingly.

When it was time to have lunch, David went to the magazine and James had a snack. When he took the food a stray dog came near to him and began watching him with his hungry eyes. When James noticed the dog he gave his lunch to the dog. The dog ate the food and was very happy.

When James was walking home after his work the temperature was so cold that it was sharply reduced. So, the road was covered with ice. The man tried to be careful and not to fall but hit and lost consciousness. The dog was following him and when the animal saw the man fall he started to lick his face.

When the animal felt that he was not reacting he began to bark. And he drew the walkers’ attention.

The kind people called an ambulance. The man was brought to the hospital due to the dog’s efforts. The man was shocked but then he realized that the dog did his best to save him as a response.

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