The man found the poor mother dog and also nine puppies

The man found the poor mother dog and also nine puppies.

Many people love animals in ways that others could not imagine. So, if you also love them you will be unhappy when you find them abandoned or abused. Many people devoted their lives to pets and animals who did not have a place to stay.

Tim Jackson, from the shelter, always tried to find a home for every animal who needed it.
Here, the camera captured the mother dog. The mother probably had babies.

So, he asked every person he met on the street if they noticed something. Fortunately, he managed to do so. Some people knew where the babies were and led him to the right place.

Tim also made a long shot about the animal as he wanted to show everything. And in the end, you will see a happy ending. He finally found nine babies in the forest and helped all of them.

Tim also gave them food and took them to the shelter.

These babies will die if Tim could not find and help them. They needed someone’s help and that someone was Tim. So, due to her efforts, the babies now are alive and are in safe hands.

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