The man does not want to euthanize the puppy and decided to give him another chance

The man does not want to euthanize the puppy and decided to give him another chance

The dog was born without front legs. He had an unusual appearance but his mom accepted him but was unable to feed the dog. His brothers and sisters pushed him and he could not get any food.

The doctors, knowing the situation, suggested the owners euthanize the baby.
Lou Robinson and her husband Mark gave him a negative answer as they dealt with helping animals during their whole life.

So, she decided to look after the baby and took him with them. Lou and her husband were so careful with the puppy and watched him so he did not leave him alone even at night.

At this point, everything was going well for the baby. He grew and gained weight. Now the baby can recognize voices and even tries to bark.
But then some problems appeared and they brought the baby to the doctor.

Doctors decided that the baby needed an X-ray examination which as a result showed some problems with the esophagus.
Doctors took the baby to the incubator and gave some antibiotics. The dog was getting even worse but continued to fight for his life with his owners.

And he now was feeling good and could come back home.
3 years passed and the puppy became a cheerful dog. Indeed, there are some movements that he could not apply but he was not scared of failing.

Now, the baby has many fans. Also, the Robinsons created a Facebook page where they share pictures and videos from his life. Moreover, he had about 60 thousand followers.

The puppy now is in a good condition with his lovely owners who weren’t afraid of any difficulties.

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