The man continued his mother’s job and made his dream come true

The man continued his mother’s job and made his dream come true.

Svetlana, who was the mom of Degan, loved animals very much.
During the years he and his mother found owners for many animals.

Svetlana aimed to help and save poor animals.
And her dream became true thanks to her son. Now they have a dog shelter.

Their activity started by just feeding animals on the street. And residents gradually started to support them.
And their reputation gradually increased.

Many people helped them and provided food and funds to the animals. So, feeding these creatures turned into a support for the homeless animals.
The family opened their shelter in 1997.

But after some years the woman died. But her son did not give up and continued his mother’s job.
So, now he had to continue the job alone which was not that much easy.

But he managed to do it and now the shelter continues operating.
Years later the man bought the land and created it as a wolf shelter.

They are the national animals of Serbia but also they are endangered.

Although it was hard to keep these many animals, he did not give up.
Many donations are provided to the animals who kept Degan.

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