The loyal dog chased a Marine about 120 kilometers in the Iraqi desert

Soldiers confront many hardships in a war zone.
Nubbs was a dog trained to prevent danger. The soldier decided to cat his ears so that it could work effectively.

The man found Nubbs when the animal was injured. The dog was in awful condition and the man only with his care managed to bring it back.

Then the animal became my favorite. He happily played with everyone but mostly he was attached to Major Dennis. Then, the man had to transfer to another base and walk about 120 kilometers. And the dog decided to go with him.

After some days the man looked outside the window and found his loyal dog. He did not know how the animal found him but he was amazed and could not wait for such a thing to happen.

Dennis kept his animal even though it was against the rules. He looked after the dog in the best way. But another command came and when he understood that he could no longer keep his dog he transferred him to America.

Dennis claimed that his dog was the most loyal animal who passed a dangerous zone about 120 kilometers for him and he deserved only the best.

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