The loyal dog alerted his owner to go out from the flaming house and saved his life

Many people could not imagine life without dogs. They are loyal and caring. And thanks to their instincts that can always protect us from danger.
This story is about a dog named Maggie who saved its owner’s life.

He alerted him and other family members to go out of the house.
It was a usual day when Margie started to bark in the middle of night.And it was not good that the dog woke up at that time. Most probably something was wrong.

When Joel Rosa woke up he understood that something was happening in the house. Also, it was very strange for him as the dog was barking.

Then he understood that the roof was on fire. He immediately ran away from the house and tried to put out the fire. Then emergency workers came and did their job.
It was a scary moment for the family. He did not know how such a thing happened.

It turned out that the reason for the fire was yesterday’s lightning strike. Although the house had vanished, there were no dead people. It was a terrible night but the family was alive due to their dog.

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