The loyal cat spent its day near her owner who was no longer alive

The loyal cat spent its day near her owner who was no longer alive.

Once the woman noted the animal who was sitting next to the grave. At first, no one saw it but then they paid attention to it. The most interesting thing was that the cat was always sitting in the same place.

A woman called Jesse was interested and decided to come closer to the animal and look at him. She saw an animal there. When she saw the date of the burial she understood that the man had died not long ago. And the cat most probably was the owners’.

The cat was coming there every day.
Jess could not see such an emotional scene.

During her work, she often faces such occasions but this one is something different. This time her heart was broken. So, she decided to take the animal with her. But it was not that easy. The cat resisted and did not want to leave the place.

He thought that she would just feed him. The woman brought him food each day as the cat refused to go far away from the grave.
Then the woman shared posts on the internet. She talked about the loyal animal and now many people came to the grave and fed him.

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