The lost little girl was found after hearing the dog barking in the cornfield

The lost little girl was found after hearing the dog barking in the cornfield.

One usual evening the mother Timberlyn Merritt was doing the household chores. Her 3-year-old daughter named Remy was playing in the room. The baby was quiet and each parent knew that if the baby was quiet then something was wrong. When the mother came to the room she could not find the girl there.

Then she checked all possible places in the house where the girl could be. But she could not find her. The pet called Heath was also missing. The dog was with the girl.
The woman thought that the dog ran away and her daughter went to find him.

There is a cornfield near their house and most probably they were both there.
But the field was big and the mother could not find them by herself.

She asked the neighbors for help. But their efforts were in vain. So she has to call the rescue team. They worked during the whole night but again in vain.
The mother had indescribable feelings. The team also included dogs to get results.

And one of them found the girl’s trail and followed it. After some time the dog started to bark. Everyone hurried to the sound. They found the girl who slept next to the barn. The dog was near her. The dog followed Remy’s dream.

When the girl was awakened she told how things went. It turned out that she just wanted to see the night cornfield. And the dog followed her.
Indeed, the mother would not forget this story for a long time.

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