The little dog comes miles every day to visit his friend’s grave

Leonardo and Fulmine are living in the Italian countryside.
The man with his dog is always ready to hug and play. They are the best couple in the world.

They were a happy family.
But their time is near to the end when something bad happens with the man.

Leonard was sick and appeared in the hospital. He had low chances to survive. The dog was taken by the daughter. She started to look after the dog as her father would do. They all loved the dog but he was waiting for his owner.

But Leonardo could not return.
Every time a car approached the home, Fulmine thought it was the owner.

During the funeral of the man, the dog did not go.
When the family again visited the father the dog stayed alone at home.

But then they saw Fulmine who was sitting there.
The loyal dog walked two miles to reach there.

They did not know how the dog could find the way but he did it.
And this was not the dog’s last visit.
Leonardo’s daughter said that the loyal dog visits her father very often and he walks around 2 miles.

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