The kitten loved the puppy and always came back to see him

For many of us, animals are not only pets but best friends as well. When a puppy came to a Plaja family, everything suddenly changed. The puppy changes the couple’s life.

The owner said that Taco is an active pet.
Taco made the couple happy again.

Near their home, a cat was living. And one day the cat decided to meet the puppy.
The animal was very sociable and he was not afraid of the puppy that it was expected to be.

The cat wanted to play and hug Taco.
So, they formed a real friendship and a strong connection.

The dog often wants to go outside to play with the kitten.
And as time passed they became even more attached to each other.

They are always there to help and be together.
Also, it’s sometimes impossible to separate them.

Taco and the cat did everything together. Even when it was raining they did not leave each other alone. The family was very happy for them. Now the Plaja family had not only a dog but a kitten as well.

They called the cat Tequilas and inspired everyone to help animals.

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