The kind woman had surgery on a butterfly and it can now fly

The Monarch Butterfly is considered to be the most beautiful insect on the planet.
They could live till 5 months. But this time its life could be shorter if it left helpless.

The insect was born in Romy McCloskey’s garden, who was a fashion designer.
‘I loved them as they mean a lot to me’ says the woman. ‘My mom who died said that once you see a butterfly you will remember me’ she added.

One day she saw 3 butterflies in her yard.
Romy started to look at them very carefully and then noticed that one of them was injured.

Her wing came off and Romy understood that it was time to help the insect.
Surprisingly, she had everything necessary for the insect to treat. She also had a wind=g from another butterfly who died a couple of days ago.

So, she sewed the wing. And now one could notice that it was not her wing.
Romy says that they did not have pain receptors like people. And their wings are like nails for people. And due to her efforts the butterfly could again fly.

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