The kind police officer saved the alone coyote pup

One day, a police station got a report about a scared and most probably injured dog who was on the road. You can’t imagine how confused the man who found a coyote puppy was.

Wolves are considered to be dangerous in the US, and cats and dogs always suffer because of them. But how can a normal person raise a hand against a baby?

Luckily, the man came there instead of someone who would kill it with a weapon.
Carlo was looking around him. He did not notice the mother. And then he understood that he could not leave the baby in trouble.

Lisa Cutting, the owner of the animal shelter, told him what to do.
He said to wear gloves and carefully take the puppy and keep the animal till morning.

The puppy left Carlo’s girlfriend’s house. The puppy was left in the box till morning.
The next day the man took the animal to the wildlife clinic.

The puppy went into an examination and was then released to the wild.
Carlo helped the animal the way he could and wanted to be sure that everything would be good with it.

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