The kind millionaire spent his money on turning slaughterhouses into animal sanctuaries

How would you spend your money if you were a millionaire? Most probably you would buy homes, cars and such things. But this kind man preferred helping many poor dogs.

A man called Wang Yan was a millionaire and was living in China. But he would not change anything instead of his lovely dog. He loved his pet very much but one day his poor dog was lost.

The man looked at every possible place where the doc could be. And someone recommended him to look at the slaughterhouse.
When he visited there he made an important decision. There were so many dogs who suffered a lot.

But Wang could not find his pet there. And then he decided to turn the slaughterhouse into a dog sanctuary.
No one knows how much he spent to build such a place but indeed he spent so much money. He spent only $400,000 only for buying the building.

He would never regret doing so. In 2005, 200 animals were already adopted.
It’s great that such people exist who do such kind and useful jobs for animals.

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