The kind man suddenly met and saved the poor animal

The kind man suddenly met and saved the poor animal

The man saw the dog whose head was stuck in a potato chip bag. It was dangerous as it could be suffocated. Fortunately, the dog managed to find a kind man who noticed him at the right time.

No one knows where the puppy came from but most probably it was from a Canadian province. As in this province, there is a huge amount of such wandering animals.

It was difficult for the man to walk through the snow. But finally, the animal managed to get to the man who removed the bag from his head.

One of the rescuers said that wandering dogs are frequently noticed in that place.
Jasmine Colucci tells that she very often sees freezing animals in the cold weather and it was very difficult for her to see every time in such a condition.

She and other rescuers look after the stray animals who wander on the streets.
The amount of wandering animals is huge and we all should be a little bit more attentive to them.

Luckily, this dog found a kindhearted man who helped him. Let’s hope that all stray animals will soon find their permanent home and loving owners.

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