The kind man noticed the poor dog in the hole and hurried to help him

The man named Ty Mclntyre noticed the dog who was in a deep hole.
The poor man looked at the man with very sad eyes and it seemed that he asked for help.

The man could not pull the animal out of there alone. But he also could not leave there.
Then he asked Facebook users for help.

He also posted his photo and hoped that the owner would be found.
Then a rescue team arrived. Although it was very difficult, they managed to save the dog.

Luckily, he was healthy. Moreover, the owner of the poor dog was also found and rushed to take his pet.
No one knows how the animal appeared there but luckily he managed to survive.

Most probably the dog did not notice the trap.
The man’s kind job did not leave unnoticed.

The Animal Service center was very grateful to him for such an act. They also shared the story on their page. And this story is widely spread on social media.
The man did not consider himself a hero. But the dog survived due to the kind man’s efforts.

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