The kind conductor stopped the trail which was full of people and saved a turtle who was on the train tracks

Sometimes animals appear in dangerous places and dangerous situations. At that time they need help from us. We need to move them to better safe places.

And it’s highly respected when people have a willingness to help animals in need. So, this is a story about a train conductor who stopped the vehicle and saved a turtle who was in the tracks and could not move.

So, he came out of the vehicle and took the turtle who was on the other side of the fence. So, it would not die by another train.
After some time, Serhat said that the turtle was happy and could already move.

The man finds that saving the turtle is the best thing that he could do. And probably passengers would not understand what happened but then the man explained to them why he stopped the train. And everyone was happy as they all could save their lives.

So, they did a great job.
Also, the man thinks that all animals are people’s best friends. And we all should be very responsible while dealing with them.

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