The killer orcas allowed the poor whale to go who was in the net

The killer orcas allowed the poor whale to go who was in the net.

Here you can see how the group of killer orcas let the injured whale release.
This happened on the South coast of Western Australia and the moment was captured by passers-by.

Why was this moment amazing? The reason was that such animals usually eat the whales, but this time instead of eating they helped and fed them.
Jemma Sharp told how they worried when they saw the injured humpback and orcas.

Something happened to the whale and it was seriously injured. And at that time some killer orcas came near to it.
The 3 killer whales shocked everyone when they showed that they were not interested in them.

Whale watchers published a post, “ We noticed how the animal was tangled and it was a terrible moment particularly when you try to save yourself among such animals”.

When the orcas came near the whale he was looking at them confused and tried to save himself.
But something magical happened and the whale now was free. He was afraid of orcas but now he is free thanks to them. No one waited for such an amazing thing to happen.

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