The hungry dog with her infants was saved on time

The hungry dog with her infants was saved on time.

Sometimes time is crucial when saving someone. It’s nice when saved could help the infant babies. The first period of a puppy’s life is also crucial. And necessary nutrition is vital for their future health and growth.

One homeless dog gave birth just on the street. People who were there realized that they needed help. The brother gave birth to 6 puppies and was fully exhausted. She even could not look after her infant babies.

Unluckily, 2 of them could not survive. The rescuers wanted to be sure that they could help the rest of the babies. But the mom did not trust them anymore. She was aggressive and scared of everyone. This was because of the fear that she would lose the other puppies.

She even attacked the rescuers who wanted to come closer to the babies.
But eventually, they took the family from the street.

Then they gave the mother food and water. And she finally gained power.

So, now she could give milk to her babies who needed it. Eventually, the babies now gain weight and become stronger. Fortunately, the mom with her infant babies now was feeling better and relaxed.

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