The horses took care of a little fawn while the mother went to look for food

Animals are very attentive and careful with each other as people. Animals from the same species are very special to each other but sometimes animals from different specials are indifferent. But this story proves that they also have feelings. The group of horses was feeding a fawn while it was waiting for her mom.

Kally May suddenly captured that amazing moment on camera. She saw how a lonely fawn was waiting for her mother to return. And 3 horses were there.

These photos show the moments where the horses are keeping the fawn. Kally said that these kinds of horses wanted to protect the deer from danger.

Kally thought that the baby was abandoned but people told her not to interfere with them. As it was normal for deers to leave their kids and go in search of food.

Sometimes some kind of people move the babies and then the mothers could not find them.
So, Kelly left them alone and hoped that the mother would return soon. So, the story had a happy ending as the horses did not leave the baby alone.

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