The hikers found the dog who was lost 2 weeks ago

The dog named Neesha was lost in Ireland. The owners took him and another dog for a walk. Suddenly the dogs saw deer and they both ran away.

After some time Harley could return home but Nessha was lost.
The owners looked for him everywhere but could not find him.

The owners also shared the story on the Internet. Time passed but nothing changed. They gradually lost their hope.
They started to believe that their dog would never return.

But then they got news about their lost dog. It was found.
The dog was scared. The owners arrived at the place and took him. He was in the mountains.

The man also fell many times while slipping on the ice.
They tied the dog to their backpack.

Then they also talked with the Animal rescue center to identify the dog.
The rescue service knew that the family was searching for their pet and they could not believe in their eyes. The dog who left without food and water on the mountain was alive.

It was magic. The poor animal lost weight but mercifully he was alive.
The owners were very happy to find their dog.

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