The heroic dog saved the whole family from burning in the house

The heroic dog saved the whole family from burning in the house.

The whole family would burn in the house if the eight-month-old puppy would not wake them up. The dog called Anandavalli, once feeling the smell of the fire, hurried to save the family.
The dog saved his beloved owners from danger by letting them know about the fire that arose in the house.

Dogs are the most loyal animals in the world. They always protect their loved ones and this is one of their main instincts.
Everything happened at 5 am.

While the family was sleeping the dog woke up from feeling the smell of the fire.
So, the dog hurried to warn the owners that something was wrong in the house.

When the dog wanted to wake up the mother she did not understand what was happening.
When the woman did not react to him he started to pull her hair and ears.

The woman thought that the dog wanted to drink water or go outside but once she opened her eyes she saw that the house was on fire.
The owners took all the money and necessary documents and left the house.

Now everyone was grateful to this heroic animal. He managed to save the whole family.
The local community decided to raise money for covering all the damages of the house.
And the family decided to give all the additional money to the animal shelters.

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