The heartwarming moment of a baby duck who slept with a flower on her head.

Nature will always amaze us. Indeed, these pictures will make your day brighter.
In this story, the hero is a duck who slept with a flower-covered on its head. This was a sweet and special moment that attracted everyone.

Also, it warmed people’s hearts.
The video where the ducky was sleeping was widely spread on social media and got thousands of fans.

Moreover, it had about 20 million views in a very short period. The results were amazing that no one would have expected. The baby enjoyed its time in such away.

So, she became popular due to the video, and then the farm owners gave her a name.
So it was named Nasturtium.

Also, there are many ducks on the farm but indeed she is the most beautiful one among all of them. She seemed very proud and glad to wear the flower.
Many artists draw her.

This story again proves how perfect Nature could be.
Here you can see and just enjoy the photos.

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