The half-blind dog should stay in a box after being kicked out of the home

The half-blind dog should stay in a box after being kicked out of the home.

A woman called Natalie saw a little creature who stood next to the highway. When the woman came closer to the dog she saw that he was shivering from the cold and looking at people. And the box was very near to the roadway. And most probably this was the home where the animal is living.

The woman’s heart melted. She found some food and gave it to the baby. While the dog was eating the food the woman started to question the people and know-how the animal appeared there. But she did not get any answer.

But one of the drivers said that the dog appeared on the road when his owners adopted a new animal and decided to get rid of the old one as he did not become friends with the new one.
The woman could not adopt this dog but also she could not leave him there.

The woman asked the volunteers to help and they could not stay indifferent.
It is hard to imagine how people could be so cruel. The dog could not survive in such cold weather, but the passersby walked indifferently near him.

So, if the woman could not find him no one knows what will happen then.
The woman took the animal to the hospital and fortunately there is nothing serious with his health.

Now he is in a special place dedicated to the animals.
The dog has a unique look but he is very friendly and kind. He enjoyed the love that he got from the volunteers but still hoped that someone would like to adopt him.

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