The girl noticed an old suitcase with something in it during her date

The girl noticed an old suitcase with something in it during her date.

Helen was on the date and waited for her admirer to meet. He was slowly walking through there. And she suddenly heard some strange noises. The noise was getting louder and louder. At first, she thought it was a bird but then it turned out that it was not the case. She followed the sound and found an interesting thing.

She found an old suitcase there.
The sound was coming from the suitcase. When she opened it she was shocked. She saw 10 little kittens inside there.

The babies were looking at her with their poor eyes.
She forgot about her date. All her thoughts now we’re connected with the kittens and she hurried to help them.

She closed the suitcase and put it in her car which was in the parking lot. The passers-by thought the girl was crazy.
The girl dragged the suitcase but no one even suggested helping. They were just looking at her.

So, she took the kittens to the shelter.
At that time she remembered that her boyfriend was waiting for her.

The workers of the shelter were shocked by seeing this.
The doctors examined the babies.

Fortunately, everything was fine with them.
Then one of them pictured the babies and their photos appeared on social media. And after a short time, they all were adopted by caring owners.

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