The female moose together with her babies came to the man’s backyard and made it a comfy nursery

Once, Roland Rydstrom noticed an unusual moment during the summer.
One usual day, waking up the man opened the curtains and found a moose with its 2 babies.

The animals were laying on the ground.
The man heard about the calves who were born about 2 weeks ago but he only saw them from a distance when they were passing through his space.

What’s surprising was that the mother did not even notice the man who was looking at them.
At that moment, the man took some pictures of the family.

So, after this, he continued doing his work thinking that the family would soon leave his territory.
But he was mistaken. The animals did not have the intention to go. Sometimes, they return to the first and then come back.

After some time, the man heard a strange noise and went to see what it was.
It became obvious that another moose family came there and both families started to attack each other.
So, the family now had to go. But the man still hoped that they would visit him again.

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