The family adopted a dog who had a heart-shaped patch of fur

The family adopted a dog who had a heart-shaped patch of fur.

In 2020, the animal shelter of Oklahoma shared a post of a new animal on Facebook. This was a pet with an amazing look.
The heart was painted on the pet’s chest and this made the dog look different.

This photo was widely spread on social media and many people became interested in it. The shelter started to get many calls from people who wanted to adopt the baby.

One of the families came up with an idea that would help them to take the dog.
According to the shelter’s rules, all animals should undergo a 5-day quarantine before being adopted.

And animals are given to those who came to take it first.
So, the residents came there 27 hours before to adopt the pet.

The family wanted to be the first.
And the dog was given to them.

The shelter workers were surprised by the new owner’s behavior. At the same time, they were very happy that the dog will have a permanent place and loving owners.
No one before fought so hard for the animal to take. The animal was named Luna. The staff hoped that it would have a bright future.

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