The elephant started to cry after being released from captivity

The elephant started to cry after being released from captivity.

Probably you could not believe that many people are very cruel to animals. The reason is that they probably do not accept that animals could have feelings and emotions as people do. But these people should understand animals’ essence and characteristics.

This sad story is about an old elephant who lived as a captive most of her life and was treated inadequately. She did not enjoy the life given to her. She lived in a cage and was a subject of fun for tourists.

But then she survived and was transferred to a special place where she could finally calm down and forget about her hard days.
Later it turned out that the elephant was tortured for a long time and enforced to work till she became exhausted.

But after this, we could say that she is lucky enough as she could find kind people who are willing to change her difficult life for the better.
Now, when she is already free and can enjoy her freedom she cries because of happiness. Finally, that was the end of her difficulties. Everyone’s heart was melted by seeing this heartwarming moment.

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