The driver accidentally fixed the moment when he met a big shark

The driver accidentally fixed the moment when he met a big shark.

The diver named John Moore met a big shark on one of Florida’s coasts. And this amazing photo was shared on his Instagram account. So, under the water, there were so many animals swimming next to him but paid attention to the big shark.

So, after observing for some time he thought that the shark could be pregnant. The shark was acting strangely and he connected such behavior with her pregnancy.
Most probably she is pregnant and did not leave any meal there. Also, he added that this shark was dominant and swam next to him without any hesitation and fear. But it is considered to be that bull sharks are lazy and even move slowly.

These animals are approximately 60 centimeters when they are born and become about 1.5-2.5 meters as soon as they grow up. Moreover, the pregnancy period is usually longer and lasts 10-11 months. Also, the mother gave birth usually to 3-13 kids.

But males behave aggressively with other animals and it turns out to be even cruel with people. And this might be somehow connected with the high level of testosterone.

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