The dogs created a traffic jam and then the drivers understood that they were guarding their friend that was hit by a car

We always hear stories about loyal dogs. It’s not the first time they prove how faithful they could be.
These cute dogs appeared in the center of the road and created the traffic.

So, they became an obstacle for the drivers.
When the drivers looked carefully they understood that the dogs were following the body of their friend.

Their friend was injured and then died.
Then the loyal friends gathered together and rejected leaving their best friend alone on the road.

They did their best to protect its body.
The moment was captured by one of the drivers where the husky was barking next to his dead friend who was lying on the ground.

The dog stayed with his friend for a long time as he could not imagine that his friend had died.
One of the women came and called the dog but he did not even respond.

Later, it became obvious that she was the owner of the animal.
So, this story once again proved how loyal animals could be. And, in my opinion, people had many things to learn from the loyal dogs.

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