The dog who was lost for eight years recognized his owner and that was an emotional reunion

In 2012, a man named Stevie Rodger left his 2 dogs in his yard and went out.
No one knows how but the dogs climbed the gate and ran away.

The man looked everywhere to find them. One of the neighbors said that one farmer shot towards the animals.
One of the dogs named Konan died and the other one named Kavik disappeared.

They searched for Kavik but could not find him.
The family also spread the news on social media but their efforts were in vain.

They gradually started to lose their hope.
Time passed, and after eight years the man received a call.

The unfamiliar man said that he noticed a dog who was similar to Kevik.
Stevie rushed to reach the place. He passed a long way for his pet. And it was his lovely Kavik.

This was an emotional moment and the man started to cry.
The pet started to lick his owner as a sign that he remembered him.

Stevie still could not believe his eyes.
He took the animal to the hospital.

Indeed he had some problems but that could be easily solved. And he will be healthy again.
The dog slept next to the man as he was afraid of losing him again.

But after some time he recovered and all difficulties were left in the past.
They are the happiest couple ever.

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