The dog was similar to a mummy but love changed him

The puppy called Blondie was admitted to an animal control center. His skin was full of scabs.
And he was more similar to a mummy than a dog.

And he would be euthanized. But the staff did not want to do so. They shared a video of the dog and asked for help.
Caitlin Beall saw this video.

‘When I first saw the animal she was scared and I understood that we needed to help the dog’ she says.
So, she came to see the animal. The staff pulled her out of the cage and she saw him. She could not expect to see such a condition. ‘I cannot explain his condition, it was awful’ she added.

The dog was moved to a hospital. There the dog got special treatment and after some time it could go home.
The puppy quickly made friends with other dogs. But he still was afraid. And Caitlin was worried if he would again gain trust in people.

After some time of getting care, Blondie started to feel better. His fur also started to grow.
And he was changed. Now he enjoys playing with other dogs.

Caitlin is surprised every time she sees the dog happy.
And she was so proud of her pet who managed to overcome difficulties and changed his life.

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