The dog was injured and the doctor went to calm the animal down

The camera managed to film the moment when the doctors comforted the animal.
It was a miracle that it was saved. But he got some injuries.

Fortunately, it was taken to the hospital at the right time and doctors managed to save its life. So they successfully performed the surgery.
The animal was about eight years old. And doctors knew that they had to act quickly to be able to save its life. And they did it.

So, Taka had to stay in the hospital for some time to be fully recovered.
Emily loved the dog whose life she just saved. And they formed a special connection in a short time.

Now it’s taking a long time for Taka to recover. Emily decided to take Taka with her as she did not want the animal to stay there all alone for the night.
Now Emily should be very careful with Taka. And the next day she was very tired as she looked at Taka all night.

So during her break, she lay down next to the dog and immediately fell asleep. So at this moment one of her coworkers managed to take these amazing pictures.

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