The dog was happy as he was entrusted to grow cats up which is all he needed

The dog was happy as he was entrusted to grow cats up which is all he needed.

A big dog is living in a family from Southern California. They took Ozi a couple of years ago from the shelter. And all the time the dog was very sad and silent because no one wanted to look after him.

The dog wanted not only to serve but to babysit as well.
The problem was that he appeared in a usual family who has established rules in their life.

The family had 3 kids and did not plan anymore. The youngest kid was spending his time playing with his phone and did not even remember about the dog’s presence.

Ozi wanted to play with the kids in the area but parents would not trust their child to play with a dog.
So the dog suffered from a lack of love and friendliness. So, if the brokers broke into their home he probably would hug them.

The animal needed someone to take care of and finally, that happened. The poor cat named Vinya appeared on the street. Then she gave birth to 5 cats and now the dog became the happiest one in the world.

Vinya shares her duties happily with the dog and she feels good as she is now living in the neighborhood of Ozi.
And Ozi mostly loved one of the cats and did his best to keep him. He is sure that he will responsibly look after the baby.

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