The dog walked about 100 miles to return to the couple who kindly acted with it

This story happened in 2015 when an elderly couple found a stray dog who was also pregnant.
The dog was hungry and dirty.

The couple started to look after the animal and also helped her to give birth.
After they grew up people found them a permanent home.

Everything was well but after some time the new owner said that the dog ran away.
He looked for her everywhere but their efforts were in vain.

Negrita did not return.
The owner was hopeless when one day Negrita suddenly appeared.

Later, it turned out that she was searching for them.
The dog walked about 161 kilometers to return there.

She lost weight and was all in dirt and wounds. She was also injured.
Then she slept about 24 hours.

The couple was amazed by seeing her and they told their friend that Negrita came back home.
And this time the couple decided to not separate with it even for a second. What a touching moment.

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