The dog is finally reunited with her babies and is feeling good

The dog is finally reunited with her babies and is feeling good.

A dog called Cora was sent to the shelter as she was living on the street. The cat was feeling depressed. She didn’t even want to drink or eat something. She was sitting in the corner and did not move.

The doctors examined her and it turned out that she had recently been born. The ex-owners wanted the kids, not the mother. So, they decided to distribute the kids to various families and the mother Cora left on the street.

Now the staff understands that she needs her kids whom she loved very much. She missed them.
A post was shared on the internet in which they asked to bring the kids to the place where their mother is so that Cora could recover.

When you look at the meeting of a mom with her kids your heart will melt. Unfortunately, one baby died. But the other puppies are here. Puppies immediately hugged their mother. The mother is now feeling better. And the moment was very emotional.

This story proved that distance does not matter and the mother continues loving her puppies.

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