The dog imitated his injured owner and walked beside him

The man named Mr. Jones and his leg were in a cast.
The man could move only with the help of crutches.

When they were walking the man noticed that the dog was also limping. And the dog could not lean on its leg.
It was unknown how he managed to injure its paw.

Mr. Jones took the animal and they went to an examination. They both were injured.
But at the hospital, the dog went for an examination and no abnormalities were found.

The dog was healthy.
The X-ray examination also could not find any problems with the animal.

And the doctors concluded that it was a simulation. So he just wanted to copy his owner.
The man paid money for such a conclusion.

Scientists also confirm that such things often happen.
The dogs asked to follow how the owners open doors.

After some time the animal also started to copy the man and the man opened the door. Such an incredible animal who wanted not to leave his owner alone in such a situation. Dogs are loyal friends of humans and they deserve lots of love and attention.

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