The dog guarded the boy who was lost and could not find the way to his home

This heroic dog followed the little boy until he found his parents. This is thanks to the kind animal.
When the father was doing his job the baby managed to leave the home wearing only his pajamas.

Fortunately, one of the neighbors noticed the baby and followed him.
The woman who yet did not know who the boy only saw how the boy walked on the streets.

But what was surprising was that the baby was not alone. A dog was following his path. The woman thought that the baby was lost and hurried to suggest her help to the baby.

The baby was dressed well but did not wear shoes. She tried to find his parents but her efforts did not give results. She posted a picture of the baby on social media and this changed the whole condition.

The baby found his father who also posted his lost boy’s photo on social media.
They met each other and both were very happy.

When they saw each other the baby told about the dog who followed him everywhere. Later, the family decided to take the kind dog.

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