The dog flips out when it finds a monster in her bed

The family can always be calm as the 4 years old animal could already protect the whole family from everyone when needed. Even from the monsters that could appear.

A couple of weeks ago the dog woke up the whole family with its barking. Later, it became obvious that Nova found a strange creature in her bed. And she hurried to attack it.

‘At the middle of the night Nova started to bark and I decided to check what was wrong’ says the owner named Taylor.
He thought it could be a snake and hurried to help the dog.

But it turned out to be a wad of yarn.
When he turned the lights on, Nova remained alert for a long time.

As the owner was there Nova became even more confident and the dog tried to attack it.
And Nova calmed down only after the owner took it out of there.

Then everything went well. And now the family can peacefully sleep knowing that they have a loyal and brave pet who will always protect them from everything. It’s real happiness to have such a loyal dog near you.

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