The dog felt happy despite everything

The dog felt happy despite everything.

People shooted poor dog 17 times. Unfortunately, she lost one ear and became blind.
Although she had undergone many difficulties, eventually she returned to the home, where she had carrying owners.

The dog named Maggie was born in Lebanon. A charismatic person took her when she was wandering in the streets without seeing something and hungry. Then it became clear that he was shot seventeen times.

After knowing this, the animal rights activist did everything for her and shared the story on social media. The poor dog should be treated well by caring owners. On the other hand, she could not survive.

But the dog turned out to be lucky. One of the residents from London saw the post and gave it to the charity center. Animal rights activists wanted to help her. Later, she appeared in London. She needs many surgeries and medical treatment.

After getting this they started to search for owners.
Fortunately, after a short time, they managed to find owners. A 25-year-old Casey Carlin and her family took her after immediately knowing the story of the poor dog.

The girl tells me many things. You should treat others the way you want them to treat you. You need to be kind and do kind jobs, and love will finally win. You need to help others if they need it and finally, you will get everything you need yourself. And she reminds me each day that I need to become better than yesterday.

Now, the dog with her owner visits hospitals to make patients feel better.

The girl states that she suffered from people’s attitude very much and I am glad that people now care about her.
Casey already has another animal named Mishka who loves Maggie too much.

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