The dog did not want to leave his injured pregnant friend till help would arrive

Once, the animal rescue center got a report about a dog who was lying on the road in California town. The dog could not even move. And when the rescuers arrived they found a red dog near him. The kind dog waited for help to come and did not leave his friend.

Marley was in bad condition.
She could not breathe normally and had some pains.

When the rescuer team tried to bring Marley to the car her friend called Murphy hurried to be next to her. He did not want to leave her even for a moment.
He climbed and sat next to the dog.

Then, Marly went for an examination.
And it turned out that the poor dog had some broken bones.

After some days, Marley became a mom. Although she had pains, she tried to give lots of attention to her puppies.
It took two years to recover.

Due to the family and doctors, Marley could finally recover. She is as cute as the day they took her.
The rescuer team wanted to be sure that her friend Murphy had also found a permanent home and loving owners who would appreciate his devotion.

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